Lookup the best appropriate category and enter the Category ID here. What do reports look like? After installing the extension, every product will have this Facebook Options panel attached, allowing full customization of your feed data. We have more instructions on installing and setting up the Facebook & Instagram extension by Clicking Here.

Facebook; Gplus; Mail; WP EasyCart News Server. Allows complete customization of products that are sent to Facebook, including images, titles, prices, and more! The facebook image is best provided as a 600px by 600px square image. First,  will create a new catalog. Full documentation and 4 videos show you how to install, setup, and create ads for Facebook & Instagram. To become a member and begin using the ShipStation extension, simply purchase your Premium edition license and receive a full WP EasyCart license + access to our members area benefits. You will link with a dynamic feed your site to Facebook. You will use ‘Use Data Feeds‘ method so that Facebook will pull from your website using the provided Data Feed we made.

This is a very easy task with WordPress and we have a short guide here to get you started. We highly recommend choosing an age group, gender and entering a Google Product Category. Highly targeted meta data such as gender, color, and categories to give better ad demographics. Select E-Commerce when presented with the following catalog type. We know your time is limited and include tools to automate your marketing campaigns for your WordPress eCommerce store.Sync orders, products, and customers with MailChimp and automatically create custom auto-responders based on … The extension allows you to sell on Facebook & Instagram by pulling all your products into their Catalog system to produce scrolling ads and send users and visitors to your website for purchases.

Easily advertise and sell through Facebook & Instagram with one extension! The Facebook extension allows you to feed products into your Facebook Business Manager and create a catalog of products instantly from your online store.

You will be creating a catalog of products, connecting it to your EasyCart system, and building and monitoring ads from this Business account.

At this point, you should have Facebook tracking page clicks and also ecommerce transactions so that you can see them show in your Facebook Business Analytics. Please consult Facebook on how to build ads and manage ads from this point forward. You can select a personal or custom owner, we just select a Personal owner, and then give it a name, such as ‘My EasyCart Catalog’.

That’s It!

WordPress EasyCart, Pendleton, Oregon. View Online Documentation, Watch Video Tutorials, Participate in Community Forums, and much more!

Navigate to the Pixels section in Facebook Business manager and create a Facebook Pixel.

You will link with a dynamic feed your site to Facebook.

Online Documentation. This is a necessary step to ensure you get the best possible ad performance and tracking. Facebook pixels track user events on your website and EasyCart system. Full online documentation for the WP EasyCart eCommerce plugin! Setting this up first is a good step to take. With this extension, you Facebook will dynamically pull your products into its catalog system for you, giving you the opportunity to have scrolling Facebook & Instagram posts that allow customers to click ‘Shop Now’ and visit your website to purchase. You can also upload Once on this panel if you wanted to provide a custom feed using our Download CSV File. One stop for Documents, Videos, and Support! Your custom feed can be found in our WP EasyCart -> Settings -> Third Party facebook feed. You should see all your WP EasyCart products loaded into Facebook, ready for Facebook & Instagram ads to be constructed using your dynamic feed data.

For ecommerce tracking of transactions, we recommend you install your Facebook Pixel ID in EasyCart settings. In this example, you will enter 5082 to the Google category. Once connected, you can create scrolling advertisements on Facebook & Instagram that allow users to ‘Shop Now’ on your WordPress website. You can also select Product Sets and begin constructing product sets to your products as needed if you wanted to break them into groups or smaller sets of products. Once products are in Facebook, you can create customized Carousel Facebook & Instagram ads. In this example, you can see all of our demo products were found and loaded into Facebook under the Products section.

Change your billing and shipping information along with manage your account settings. At this point, you can click ‘Advertise Product Set’ or the ‘Create Ad‘ button and begin advertising through Facebook & Instagram. The Facebook & Instagram extension is designed to feed your Facebook catalog with products from your WP EasyCart system. Facebook Options will be included should you be a Premium EasyCart license holder and install the ‘Facebook & Instagram Feed’ extension into wordpress.

Proudly Developed & Supported by the L4 team in the USA.

The first step to selling on Facebook & Instagram is to build a Facebook Business account. This is where we will point Facebook to use your dynamic EasyCart feed. We have a full 4 part series of videos to help you install pixels, plugin, create catalogs, and create ads! Simply open WordPress admin -> WP EasyCart -> Settings -> Third Party and you can enter your Pixel ID.

If you do not provide a square image on your product image 1, then you may need to photoshop or customize a set of graphics just for this ad platform. Facebook offers a very rich analytics dashboard, giving you statistics on pages, revenue, and other events as they occur. Read our comprehensive online documentation that covers every screen in WP EasyCart eCommerce system.

Select E-Commerce when presented with the following catalog type.

Welcome to the Support Center. Facebook offers a very rich analytics dashboard, giving you statistics on pages, revenue, and other events as they occur. Online Documentation.

Facebook & Instagram feed is a way for you to take your WP EasyCart system and build an online catalog and ads to sell on Facebook & Instagram.

Connect WordPress EasyCart to your Facebook & Instagram and start selling on your WordPress website.

This extension provides several ways to get that feed into Facebook’s business system. Leave these fields blank if you do not use them or they do not apply, but it is always a good idea to add a google category to every product. Go to the Product Data Sources -> Add Data Source section and you will create a new Data source. Next, you are going to be asked what type of Configuration, and you will select ‘Upload Product Info’.

Welcome to the News Server. We have a full 4 part series of videos to help you install pixels, plugin, create catalogs, and create ads! What do reports look like? Full online documentation for the WP EasyCart eCommerce plugin!

The WordPress Shopping Cart by WP EasyCart is a leading eCommerce solution for WordPress websites since 2013.

For each product, you can customize the product title, description, condition, currency code, url, facebook image, and manufacturer. Facebook & Instagram extension by Clicking Here. Specify custom images just for your Facebook & Instagram feed with perfect aspect and pixel ratios. Select ‘Done‘ when finished.

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