The task of successfully manage to configure our WordPress site to address mail server puts before us a number of challenges ahead. Fixed: X-Mailer header should be present in all emails. We can be contacted here: Use a text file to identify the mailboxes. Changed: More helpful test email content (with a mailer name). Fixed: PHP error on plugin settings and WP Site Health pages if the plugin mailer option is empty for some reason. Authentication: Select “No: Do not use SMTP authentication” as we will not be using username authentication. Thanks for marking this as the answer. I don't get… Changed: Do not allow to send Test Email if mailer not configured properly. Le paramètre de la boîte aux lettres est prioritaire sur le paramètre de l’organisation.The mailbox setting takes precedence over the organization setting.

Changed: Gmail mailer – display email used to create a connection. From my own experience, many WordPress plugins don’t support the required TLS version or have other problems when trying to address Exchange Online using TLS. Provide tools and log files that can help us to understand better the real cause of the problem. Changed: Update links to various docs, pointing now to An overlay will appear, and here you’ll need to fill out a short form: After you submit the client secret form, the Application Password will be generated. Added: Prefix all 3rd-party libraries to avoid compatibility issues with other plugins using different versions of the same libraries. Enregistrez les documents, feuilles de calcul et présentations en ligne dans OneDrive. Another scenario could be a scenario in which our WordPress site is hosted at the external provider such as GoDaddy. At the top of the App Registrations page, you’ll need to select the + New Registration option. The Office 365 mail server – SMTP entity In case we configure the WordPress mail plug-in to connect Exchange Online using SMTP, the host name whom we need to use is – the hostname who appears as the “Office 365 MX record.” In case that you need more information, you can read the article – What is the hostname of my Office 365 MX records? If you perform a simple search looking for – WordPress mail plug-in, you will find plenty of such plug-ins. Changed: Improve plugin settings input and toggle focus states. We want to ensure your emails reach the inbox. When we need to configure our WordPress site to address Exchange Online as mail server using SMTP, the communication port number that we need to configure is – 25. They serve 80,000+ growing companies around the world and send over 30 million emails each day. Automatic Reply in Office 365 -Dealing with mail loop (mail storm) scenarios |Part 7#7, Creating Exchange Online bypass spam rule – whitelist specific sender E-mail address | Part 3#6, Configure your WordPress site to send E-mail via Exchange Online (Office 365) provide user credentials | Part 4#6, Configure WordPress site send E-mail via Exchange Online (Office 365) | Provide user credentials without purchase Office 365 license | Part 5#6, Configure your WordPress site to send E-mail via GoDaddy mail server – Shared Hosting plan | Part 6#6.

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