He said, “I am the first to accept this call.” Then he recited the following war poem: “When people take a decision they know. When al-Hurr bin Yazid perceived that the people were determined to fight al- Husayn, peace be on him, he said to Umar: “Are you going to fight this man?”, “Yes,” he replied, “it will be a terrible battle, the least part of which will be heads falling and severed hands flying (through the air).”, “Haven’t you any other way of getting what you want?”, “If the matter rested with me,” answered Umar, “I would do (anything else), but your governor has refused (any alternative).”219, Masruq bin Wael Hadhrami saw this scene while he were himself thinking about killing the Imam and obtaining reward from Ibn Marjana.

Then they took him in custody and along with pieces of the letter sent him to Ibn Ziyad, the oppressor. Yazid bin Harth bin Ruwiyam ñ with 1,000 fighters.142, These were some military commanders who jointly controlled a force of around 25000 soldiers.143.

Therefore he accorded him permission to go and get his son released. This tragic scene was absolutely shocking and Imam Husayn (‘a) was deeply hurt by it. And neither did he say that he would go to any other place. Here we shall present the portions of that immortal tragedy in the world of sorrows and painful tragedies and the events contemporary to that time. I saw them being dragged by their legs into the market-place.”. Her eyes were filled with tears. But what help can I render you when I see that you don’t have any supporter in Kufa? After most commanders expressed willingness to postpone hostilities, Ibn Saad issued the permission to give respite till the next day. The famous companion of His Eminence, Husayn (‘a), Habib bin Mazahir was his most loyal and sincere ally. By God, you shall not be able to drink it till you die.”, Imam responded and said, “I hope that Allah may enable me to reach it and prevent you from it.”162, Amr bin Hajjaj came forward while he was of those who had written to His Eminence, inviting him to Kufa. Get up so that in the darkness we may establish a bright sun. He began to cry in remorse as he had lost the opportunity to achieve martyrdom in the company of the beloved grandson of Allah’s Messenger (S)68, The Imam’s caravan now passed by Bani Maqatil.69 Imam (‘a) arrived over there. The Chamazi-based giants had gone for seven matches unbeaten and were sitting at the top of the 18-team league table before their impeccable start came to an abrupt end courtesy of Jaffary Kibaya’s second-half strike at Jamhuri Stadium. By my life, you are more in number but we are more loyal and patient than you. His Eminence directed his Muezzin, Hajjaj bin Masruq to recite Azan and Iqamah for the Zuhr (noon) prayer. 19:33 [CA] andbindandam þan im qeþun þai fraujans þis du im: duhve andbindats þana fulan? He fought for defending the chief of the righteous, the sons of Allah’s Messenger (S) in a remarkable Jihad...the stalwart of Ghiffari clan put up a severe fight till he fell down wounded by the blows of swords and spears and his lofty soul joined the highest realm. This is an allusion to their rule on Muslims after him and how they shall plunder the wealth of the nation etc. With his left arm he warded off Saalim’s blow but the fingers of his hand were cut off. 19:27 [CA] aþþan sweþauh fijands meinans jainans, þaiei ni wildedun mik þiudanon ufar sis, briggiþ her jah usqimiþ faura mis. In the same way he proposed to them that if they wanted to change their decision and break their allegiance the Imam was prepared to go back. He said, “You know that your grandfather, the Messenger of Allah (S) was not able to imbue their hearts with his love nor were they able to become attached to what he (the Prophet) liked. The Imam has clarified that whatever calamities were to befall him, have been destined and there was no way to avoid them and when the pen of destiny has moved there was no way one could change it. Also that he shall fight in defense of his faith. Ibn Ziyad stood up before them and addressed them as follows: “O people! He told him, “I was not speaking to you; you are not greater than cattle. Damascus had always maintained connection with Kufa in such a way that it was aware of all the movements of the Holy Imam and the failure of the conspiracy to assassinate the Imam in Mecca. He leaves a legacy for his love of family, people, and life. He was a companion of Imam Amirul Momineen and from his special officers,270 having a deep perception and stable faith. This indicates the paucity of religious inclination in the people and the decadence of that society and its deviation from truth. He screamed at that filthy wicked man, “Would you burn down my house with my family? Fighting these people now will be easier for us than fighting those who will come against us after them. Ladies who were present in the field of fighting also possessed this condition, for example a woman used to come to her son and implore him to be martyred in the service of Imam. We have already related their conversation in the foregone pages. Fortune shone on Zuhair that he joined the caravan of the Purified Progeny and he became their strongest defender and their most brilliant companion. How could he become his prisoner? Imam considered it inauspicious and moved on from there. They were terrified of him, thinking that the dead were becoming alive again to restart Jihad.

When they set out to leave, the men (with al-Hurr) got in between them and the direction they were going in. The defeat saw Azam fail to keep a clean sheet – as they had done in six out of seven matches while goalkeeper David Mapigano was in charge - for the second time since the league began.

And you are free in the world and the Hereafter.”. He is the son of Fatima and Fatima is the daughter of Allah’s Messenger.

They raised a clamor in such a way that Amr bin Hajjaj Zubaidi, an important official of Ibn Saad’s army noticed that if one to one fights continued they shall all be eliminated as a result of the valor of Imam’s companions and the power of their certainty and that they had no fear of death at all. Then if you (still) persist on your allegiance, then you are on the right. Gathering them in the battlefields of Syrians and sending them in the battlefields. The breeze carried the voice of His Eminence to the great ladies of the family of Prophethood and the women of the house of revelation.

The poem concludes with extolling of their praise and also invocates the Almighty in a natural manner as the poet is having devotion and sincerity towards them. So to say: The letter of Muslim bin Aqil reached me and informed me about your favorable attitude and the readiness of the majority of you to help me and to restore our rights.

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