You can allocate members to work within the project using the list views below. Zephyr for Jira facilitates test management capabilities for any Jira project.

This will display a page as shown in the below image.

This will display the page named ‘Add Tests to Cycle :< Name of the cycle>’.

Download and save the installation file on the local hard drive. If no keys have been generated yet, click Generate new key.

Enter ‘Zephyr for JIRA’ in the ‘Search for Marketplace’ box. Using the drop-down list, assign the test case to ". => Newly created Test Cycle will be seen on the ‘Cycle Summary’ page. Now we will continue Jira training series with some advanced Jira tutorials. Click "Create New" and enter a name of the testing phase and then click on Save to create your test phase. Select ‘Zephyr for JIRA – Test Management’, from the search results. For your convenience we have listed all the JIRA tutorials in this series: Tutorial #1:  Introduction to Atlassian JIRA Software Tutorial #2:  JIRA Download, Installation, and License Setup Tutorial #3:  How to Use JIRA as a Ticketing Tool Tutorial #4:  How to Create Sub-Task with Example Tutorial #5:  JIRA Workflows and Reports Tutorial #6:  Administration and User Management Tutorial #7:  JIRA Agile Tutorial Tutorial #8:  Agile Project Portfolio Management Plug-in for JIRA Tutorial #9:  Scrum Handling with JIRA Tutorial #10:  JIRA Dashboard Tutorial Tutorial #11:  Zephyr for JIRA Test Management Tutorial #12:  Atlassian Confluence Tutorial Tutorial #14:  Test Automation for JIRA with Katalon Studio Tutorial #15:  Integrate JIRA With TestLodge Tutorial #16:  Top 7 Most Popular JIRA Plugins Tutorial #17:  7 Best JIRA Alternatives in 2018 Tutorial #18:  JIRA Interview questions Tutorial #19: Jira Time Tracking: How To Use Jira Time Management Software? This will display a page named ‘Link this Sprint to Test Cycle(s). Zephyr For Jira. Create, view, edit, clone and execute tests (test cases). Switch to the Test Items page of your project. If you do not have suitable tests, create them. TestComplete will connect to your Jira project and show the Link to External Test Case wizard with a list of available test cases: Select the needed test case and click Finish. This will allow any user to view the test case to be executed on the Test Execution page. Choose the calendar option to view the milestones date wise: At this point, there are no issues created for this project. For version 1 if 5 of the requirements belong to Module 1 and the rest of them belong to module 2. If you use Zephyr for Jira Server, skip this step. Enter a Name, Start Date, and End Date for your cycle and then click on Save to create your test cycle. Click on the "Add" button on the top menu to create your test case(s).

Dashboards can be created to house a multitude of gadgets that display different types of graphical representations for the information within Zephyr.

We will see this aspect in the next session when we create issues. Say the issue first gets created, goes to being worked on and when complete gets closed. For details, see: Running TestComplete tests from Jira is not currently supported. How Does Test Planning Differ for Manual and Automation Projects? You can view test results in the Test Execution section of your test item in Jira: If a TestComplete test passes (that is, no errors are posted to the test log), the test execution status in Jira will be Pass. Logical grouping of test cases, with proper folder structure within the test cycles. Zephyr. In the Project text box, click the ellipsis button and select your Jira project: You can also specify the project’s release and test cycle to which the test results will be sent.

Link test cases to user stories, tasks, requirements, bugs, etc. If you do not specify a test cycle, TestComplete will send the test results to the default Ad hoc test cycle. Tutorial #20: Complete Guide To Tempo Timesheets: Installation & Configuration. Navigate through the release folder and click on any of the subfolders. To send BDD test results to Zephyr, you can use the aqTestCase.Begin and aqTestCase.End methods. To learn more about test items and their parameters, see Test Items Page (Project Editor). The ZAPI app installed on your Jira server.

Click Connect to Zephyr for Jira on the TestComplete toolbar. In addition, the comment section will show information on why the test failed (the first error message posted to the TestComplete test log). In this tutorial, we assume that you are already familiar with Jira and have a Jira project with test cases that you want to automate. Additional information needs to be added to the Incident to make the description comprehensive, Each stage of its progress should be marked and moved along the steps until completion, The stages or steps that the Incident needs to go through should be defined, It might be linked to other Incidents or have some child incidents, Incidents might have to be grouped according to some common rules, Concerned people should be aware of the incident creation/change in the state, Others should be able to provide their feedback on certain defects, Reports have to available if we need to see any trends. => Make desired changes in the cloned step and then click on the ‘Update’ button. If you use Zephyr for Jira, you can automate your test cases by assigning TestComplete tests to them.

One can enter the username/password or create a new account. Zephyr for JIRA Tutorial: Test Management Tool Zephyr is the #1 selling testing solution. With Zephyr Jira, one can do all the testing inside Jira. thank you.

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